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What Home Features Buyers Are Looking For During Covid-19

Welcome to 2021, a year that follows the year real estate took on the coronavirus and came out victorious! But, despite watching real estate flex its muscle and stamina, the reality is, the reasons why real estate has heated up – against all-odds, conventional logic & wisdom – have changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, what are the home features and improvements that are at the top of most homebuyers’ must-have lists as 2020 fades into our collective rearview mirror?

The list that follows offers some of the most sought-after home features currently driving the unexpected hot-housing demand created by the coronavirus pandemic. These features should be highlighted and used creatively in a home’s listing description because the demand for these features often brings top dollar and a quick sale.

Create Separation Among Space

While an open floor plan was once a most desirable home feature, creating distinct and well-segmented space is now a sought-after option. There are many creative ways to create even temporary separation – with movable dividers – using stylish barn doors or discrete pocket-doors.

With most people spending more time indoors, there is now a need to create a variety of ‘environments’ within one home as this helps reduce the sense of being stuck inside!

Create Functional Spaces

Perhaps the most noticeable of all changes to a home’s use is its new ability to allow its occupants to multi-task – simultaneously. A house that can perform as a dual office (for each parent) and/or virtual classrooms for any children will be viewed as advantageous and may bring a premium price.

It is often prudent to stage a guest bedroom as a virtual classroom or home office to help prospective buyers visualize the versatility of what was once merely an extra bedroom.

Upgrade Outdoor Living Spaces

A home’s outdoor living spaces have become quite essential (and often at the top of a buyer’s list of must-haves) as it offers a safe ‘outdoor’ space to escape the ever-increasing cases of cabin fever. Outdoor upgrades can be simply a landscaping facelift or adding an outdoor kitchen (or in-ground firepit) to help functionalize the use of the outdoor space.

Carve Out Space for a Home Gym

Many people are now choosing to workout at home rather than risk contracting COVID-19 at a local gym. A home gym does not typically need a lot of space if it only has a stationary bike, a yoga mat, or a treadmill.

Revitalize the Laundry Room

The coronavirus pandemic has created legitimate concerns regarding cleanliness and hygiene, which means that a home’s laundry room is now busier than ever. Creating a dedicated space for washing, drying, and folding clothes was always considered a luxury but is now mainstream.

The Take-Away

The coronavirus continues to confound economic and real estate pundits as real estate, despite the onset of the slower winter selling season, continues to impress and amaze even the most seasoned professionals.

Home sellers readying their homes for sale are advised to highlight the most current in-demand features that just might maximize your home’s selling price.