Top 5 Real Estate Myths During COVID-19 Debunked!

The total worldwide confirmed cases of COVID-19 – as of August 24, 2020, has exceeded 23,400,000 (|Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Center 8-24-2020), with more than 5.7 million cases confirmed in the United States. The appearance of COVID-19 had all but canceled the spring selling season in the United States. At first glance, most real estate […]

San Diego Real Estate Market Stats & Facts

On the second day of the second decade of the 21st Century, a recent Zillow survey revealed results that led to predictions that the San Diego real estate market – with a population that exceeds 1.3 million – would likely be California’s hottest home sales market for the upcoming year. At the start of the […]

How to Get a Mortgage Loan When you’ve had Financial Hardship

Financial hardships hit many individuals and families for a variety of reasons. The cause of a financial hardship varies and includes – Being the victim of a crime, or a cybercrime. Being in a devastating accident. Being diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness. Making ill-informed or erroneous financial decisions and investments. Overspending, showing an […]

Understanding the Debt-to-Income Ratio – How it Impacts FHA & Conventional Loan Approvals

Mortgage qualification is based on the following intrinsic underwriting questions – Will the borrower repay the mortgage debt? — This answer is revealed by reviewing the borrower’s credit history/report. Can the borrower repay the mortgage debt? — This answer is revealed by analyzing a borrower(s)’ Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio. What is the quality and value of […]

10 Things to Consider when Buying a Home in San Diego

San Diego, known as America’s Finest City, is a coastal city along the Southern Californian Pacific Ocean Coast. The narrative that follows features relevant considerations when choosing to purchase a home there. 1. The weather in San Diego is considered quite comfortable. The temperature in San Diego rarely drops below 44 degrees and rarely rises […]

4 Reasons Why a Real Estate Agent Should Sell Your Home

Back in the 1980s, when the super information highway interconnected intelligence from across the globe, no one could truly predict its remarkable growth and overwhelming impact. Almost 40 years later, the Internet is the primary source of information in every way. This is especially true for the matters of the real estate realm. Home sellers […]

The Difference Between a Fixed Rate Loan vs. An Adjustable Rate Loan

You’re about to purchase your first home, but first your mortgage lender wants to know: fixed rate mortgage or adjustable rate mortgage? Both loan products have their place, but you need to be careful — the choice can have some significant consequences. Fixed Rate Loans vs. Adjustable Rate Loans Just like a credit card, a […]

How Does Refinancing Work & Why You Should Refinance Your Mortgage

When purchasing a home, most buyers need the help of a mortgage to complete the transaction. The mortgage used to buy real estate is called a purchase money mortgage. A mortgage refinance differs from a purchase money mortgage because it occurs sometime after the original closing. While a refinance can happen at any time, it […]

Simple Guide to Why Mortgage Interest Rates Fluctuate

Consider the fact that interest rates as really the cost/price of money. This simplified perspective is helpful because most find the notion of interest rates to be nothing but bewildering. Interest rates are significant because they affect the amount of interest payable on a mortgage, credit card and automobile loans, among other debt. In general, […]