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4 Reasons Why a Real Estate Agent Should Sell Your Home

Back in the 1980s, when the super information highway interconnected intelligence from across the globe, no one could truly predict its remarkable growth and overwhelming impact. Almost 40 years later, the Internet is the primary source of information in every way. This is especially true for the matters of the real estate realm.

Home sellers in the 21st Century now face what appears to be a dilemma. How would it benefit home sellers to hire a real estate agent when all the information you think you need to represent yourself is right there — at your fingertips?

The short answer is that hiring a real estate agent is just prudent. While the Internet is helpful, you still don’t know what you don’t know! How do you research the information when you have no idea you need?

Consider the following benefits of using a real estate agent to sell your home –

  • A Real Estate Agent is required to be licensed. This includes state-mandated training and passing a comprehensive real estate examination. Note though, each state’s real estate oversight body creates the qualifications required to become licensed.
    • As a home seller, are you prepared to take on the very real risks in a home sale without any, or just limited experience?
  • A Real Estate Agent is an experienced negotiator. Real estate transactions are complex processes. There are many ways to broker a real estate transaction that benefits you, the agent’s client.
    • Have you negotiated a deal for several hundred thousand dollars lately?
  • A Real Estate Agent has the duty to act as a fiduciary for their client. The fiduciary responsibility held by a licensed real estate agent (by real estate law) requires them to put his or her client’s interest ahead of anyone else’s, including their own. Overall, the fiduciary responsibilities that must be maintained by a licensed real estate professional include the duty of confidentiality, care, disclosure, obedience (to lawful instructions), loyalty, and accounting.
  • An experienced Real Estate Agent holds a wealth of knowledge regarding real estate regulations, market conditions, and real estate sales process. While much of the information an experienced real estate agent uses for your benefit can be found somewhere on the Internet, an inexperienced unrepresented seller will have little experience to analyze said data to get the best deal regarding the many facets involved.
    • Are you familiar with how a 1-year United States Treasury bill impacts the direction and depth on mortgage interest rates?

The business genius Henry Ford said it best — When you realize it is best to hire people who are smarter than you, you have proven that you are the smartest!